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MRL worked closely with creative agency Enigma to supply rigging and lighting for the Accenture stand at both MWC23 and MWC24.

We supplied over 40 D8+ motors and a Milos M290V  truss grid, which were installed to fly a bespoke lighting rig consisting of Martin Aura XB’s, Martin Viper Profiles and Cameo Zenit W600’s. We also flew two 10m LED ceilings in 2023, and two 11m Light Boxes in 2024.

Working on a tight schedule, we liaised closely with the stand builders and other contractors to ensure a smooth build and de-rig. One of our Lighting designers programmed multiple lighting states which seamlessly changed during the course of the day and the events that happened on the stand throughout the day.


We look forward to working with this agency soon and on this stand again.


In virtue of the design, MRL Productions rigged 270 Martin Sceptron 10 LED Battens to create a visually stunning and functionally effective ceiling with flowing video content. A Martin P3 Controller handled the content on both the Sceptrons and the 16 Fatrons at the front of the booth. MRL worked closely with designers and clients on the stand to finalise the design and to guarantee we met the expectations of the lighting concept. The silent and slick design of the Martin Sceptrons made them the perfect fixture for this particular exhibition stand.

Lighting the stand with Cameo Opus SP6 fixtures, Cameo Zenit W600s and Martin ELP Profiles, ensured there was an even wash over the demo stations, whilst eliminating shadowing and providing a bright ambient atmosphere.

MRL also provided the 36 x D8+ 250kg Chainmaster motors and the Milos M290V Black truss for the lighting rig.


This award winning Chilli Partners exhibition stand at the iGB Affiliate show 2023 had an amazing James Bond vibe. Designed by Concept Communications International, this themed stand was a pleasure to work on and design. MRL supplied the rigging, lighting and immersive integrated audio system.


Using a combination of Six HighEnd Shapeshifter C2's and Martin ELP CL LED Profiles we had the ability to bring the stand to life, highlighting key areas, while keeping a 'moody atompshere'. Our 3 meter string curtain was lit evenly with Miltec MT2 battens, to perfectly finish the casino effect. Due to the lack of storage space on this small stand, a laptop and avolites T2 dongle were supplied to program and operate the lighting from.

A flown Nexo PS8 audio system with LS400 Subs complimented the delivery of a punchy sound from the DJ's on the stand. 

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